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How Does Huawei E560 Get BlackBerry Playbook on 3G

At the beginning of the year 2012, Blackberry launched a new tablet-blackberry playbook. Blackberry playbook is equipped with a powerful QNX OS rather than BlackBerry OS 6, and people think blackberry playbook as some hot tablets real competitor such as iPad 2 and Samsung galaxy tab, not for its price and quality but its perfect design. Blackberry playbook, will have the most complete computing ability, dual-core CPU with high speed and best media performance as well as Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth technology and have rear and front-facing cameras, and it is worth mentioning that this playbook’s keyboard seems quite good.

In landscape mode the keys are spread wide but still reachable by thumbs if you hold this tablet by its horizontal extents. One disadvantage of blackberry playbook is that it only supports WiFi but didn’t have 3G by now, which is inconvenient for people who on the move, because some business doing requires people to be keeping on go, they cannot always depends on a WiFi hotspot at a fixed place, what if there is no WiFi hotspot or no enough WiFi connections for use? All that they do is to get Wi-Fi signal by a mobile hotspot such as a 3G router. How to get blackberry playbook on 3G? Huawei E560 3g router, as a new product of huawei with 7.2M DL speed and 5.6M UL speed, and support five Wi-Fi enabled-devices or six users on condition that connecting huawei E560 3g router to a computer by a cable, so surely by using huawei E560 3g router ,people can convert 3g to Wi-Fi and serve blackberry playbook.

So how does huawei E560 3g router get blackberry playbook on 3g now? Taking these steps that followed can help people to realize it: First installing the SIM card and the battery into huawei E560 3g router, then press the power button on this 3g router until the screen lights up, the mobile Wi-Fi is powered on. Turn on blackberry playbook. Select settings >networking settings on blackberry playbook,and turn on Wi-Fi, wait a moment and you will find a list of wireless networks in range, select the network indicated by the SSID of the mobile Wi-Fi and then click it, the default SSID and key label are affixed to the Mobile Wi-Fi, specify the SSID name and connection key of the Mobile Wi-Fi then input them, then click connect. Wait until the connection icon is displayed in the menu, and go to Internet browser to test your connection. Maybe there are many alternatives in the market, but choose huawei E560 3g router, you will find it practical and economical and is preferable to family and business.