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How to Synchronize Android Device to PC

When an Android device is connected to computer, Windows automatically and immediately recognizes the device and a number of features appear on the device screen.

*PC Connection Options on Android device*

The first option of-course is default, whether you choose on just charging the phone or not it will automatically charge till the device stays connected via USB. For now we are not discussing the second option, though we will discuss it later.

Now, as far as the third option is concerned i.e. "Disk Drive" when you want the memory card content of your device to display in Windows: you choose this option. When you opt for this option, the device connected will show as a removable disk and you can go ahead with copying the facts to and from computer to your device.

The next two options show USB Tethering and Internet Pass Through option. As already explained in this section USB tethering enables the mobile device to share its cellular network with computer because, Internet Pass through lets you use the internet connection of computer.

All these options discussed at first because none of these options used in synchronizing the data from to PC. This is where we will discuss the second option which says "HTC Synch", this option allows you to synch data from your device to computer-but not without caveat. This is because data synching requires software installed. There's variation in the software and connection name, which will be according to the manufacturer. The device used here is HTC Evo Smartphone.

The synchronization software's have variable requirements e.g. Windows XP, RAM of 1 GB (or more), 2.0 minimum USB ports, space of 300 MB. The software can be download for free from the provider's website.

On HTC Evo the synch features enables you synchronize pictures, music, bookmarks, calendar etc. This process can be initiated either from programs on computer or from the device itself. If and when you use the built in email programs and contacts of the mobile, the same information gets transferred to computer's matched programs.

There are of-course people who use Gmail directly from Android platform instead of downloading software. This let's Google synchronize contacts, Calendar, and mails automatically and is viewable through PC or the device (when Gmail is connected). When you plan on choosing the direct usage of Gmail through Android platform, make sure that the password strength and that you change it monthly because data gets stored on Google server and security has good chances of being compromised.

Tools which are provided by third-party for synchronization of data include: Space/Mark for synchronizing Android device to MAC or PC through WiFi or Bluetooth, Exchange ActiveSync for synchronization of contacts, emails, and Calendars from 2.0 Android devices to Exchange Server.

Five Reasons to go With Focal Speakers For Your Desktop

Focal speakers are the best investment you can make if you want to go for a really cool pair of speaker and sub woofer system for your iMac or PC. The speakers do not just look classy in its minimalists design but is able to deliver a powerful punch in terms of the quality of sound it offers. The quality of sound is simply unmatched and it takes the entire music listening experience to the next level. If you are someone who wanted professional quality music even on your PC then these speakers are perfect for you. Don't be fooled by their small size. For in this case, small is definitely beautiful.

Ease of Use: Focal speakers are a buyer's delight. There is absolutely no problem in installing them. The speakers can be very easily taken out for the carton and take them out. You can connect the speakers easily to your PC, Mac Book or iMac through the USB and you are all set. Now you can play pretty much anything that you want without having to worry about the sound quality. You are rest assured that the sound quality of these speakers is nothing but superb. Setting up your speakers was never this easy. Just plug in and listen to your all time favorite songs.

Hook it on to iPod: Focal speakers are a perfect match for your iPods. All you need to do is just choose the right adapter corresponding to your iPod and hook it on to the dock. Using a cable is not necessary and the best thing is that the iPod will get recharged directly by using the local power supply. This beautiful multimedia speaker system can be controlled with the remote control. Another special feature of these speakers is that when you switch on the synchronization mode at the back of the dock, the iPod will automatically open iTunes and the synchronization process will start on its own.

Ideal for Home Studio: Focal speakers are very versatile and can be easily used anywhere. The speaker is ideal for home studio use has the quality to satisfy both amateurs as well as professionals. These speakers are good enough for those professionals who will satisfy for nothing but the best. These speakers can produce the quality of sound that is preferred by professionals who use software to analyze and work on it.

The best Subwoofer/ Amplifier: Focal speakers have the best amplifier that is required to produce the right sound quality. Three amplifiers are integrated inside the subwoofer and are of 70W RMS for the bass, 2x30W RMS for the speakers. The sub woofer is a little bulky and should be placed at the bottom. You should adjust the bass level as per your requirement keeping in mind the size of the room so that it matches the acoustics. This adjustment will be stored in the memory and no physical intervention is required. You can adjust the volume at the dock or with the remote control.