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How to Synchronize Android Device to PC

When an Android device is connected to computer, Windows automatically and immediately recognizes the device and a number of features appear on the device screen.

*PC Connection Options on Android device*

The first option of-course is default, whether you choose on just charging the phone or not it will automatically charge till the device stays connected via USB. For now we are not discussing the second option, though we will discuss it later.

Now, as far as the third option is concerned i.e. “Disk Drive” when you want the memory card content of your device to display in Windows: you choose this option. When you opt for this option, the device connected will show as a removable disk and you can go ahead with copying the facts to and from computer to your device.

The next two options show USB Tethering and Internet Pass Through option. As already explained in this section USB tethering enables the mobile device to share its cellular network with computer because, Internet Pass through lets you use the internet connection of computer.

All these options discussed at first because none of these options used in synchronizing the data from to PC. This is where we will discuss the second option which says “HTC Synch”, this option allows you to synch data from your device to computer-but not without caveat. This is because data synching requires software installed. There’s variation in the software and connection name, which will be according to the manufacturer. The device used here is HTC Evo Smartphone.

The synchronization software’s have variable requirements e.g. Windows XP, RAM of 1 GB (or more), 2.0 minimum USB ports, space of 300 MB. The software can be download for free from the provider’s website.

On HTC Evo the synch features enables you synchronize pictures, music, bookmarks, calendar etc. This process can be initiated either from programs on computer or from the device itself. If and when you use the built in email programs and contacts of the mobile, the same information gets transferred to computer’s matched programs.

There are of-course people who use Gmail directly from Android platform instead of downloading software. This let’s Google synchronize contacts, Calendar, and mails automatically and is viewable through PC or the device (when Gmail is connected). When you plan on choosing the direct usage of Gmail through Android platform, make sure that the password strength and that you change it monthly because data gets stored on Google server and security has good chances of being compromised.

Tools which are provided by third-party for synchronization of data include: Space/Mark for synchronizing Android device to MAC or PC through WiFi or Bluetooth, Exchange ActiveSync for synchronization of contacts, emails, and Calendars from 2.0 Android devices to Exchange Server.

Nikon Coolpix Aw100 Capture Your Glorious Moments

Nikon has come up with an innovative digital camera and that is the Nikon Coolpix AW100 and has catered to the expectations of the consumers by including various functions and features that are highly creative and provide great looking images like never before. The great additions to the camera are the water proof feature that helps you capture under water as is shock proof so you are safe while using it and is a freeze proof too. So now you can take it to the snow capped mountains to capture as much as you Nikon Coolpic AW100 reviews say that the camera is smart and handy.

The design is great and very attractive colors can be found in the camera that attracts buyers to it. It is a compact digital camera that provides high performance and incredibly sharp and clean camera is built keeping in mind the adventurous people who love to capture while they are on some kind of an adventure. It is a craggy and a rough camera just for such type of people and has a good build so that it does not get damages while it falls accidentally. It is designed to be the thinnest that is 9 inches and is lightest camera for the adventurous people. It can be used up to 33 feet under water and at 14 degree F at freezing point. The Nikon Coolpix comes with 16.0 mega pixels and has an LCD screen of size 3 inches. The dimensions are 110.1×64.9×22.8mm and the weight is 178 grams.

The AW100 is equipped with 4x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom. Distant and far away objects can be captured in detail and with clear has anti reflective coating and comes with 5 level brightness adjustment. The backside illuminated CMOS image sensor is a good Expeed C2 image processor helps enhance your photography talent. The provided full HD video comes with 1920×1080 pixels and is good to record any kind of sports. Movies can now be played in slow motion at 60, 120 and 240 frame every second and the faster motion at 15 frames per second.

The other additional features are the easy auto mode, red eye reduction, face recognition, AF, smile mode, skin softening, blink warning, per portrait, smart portrait system, and many more. The Nikon Coolpix AW100 price is Rs. 16,442 approximately.

LG LED Tvs Price and Other Important Factors

Its not always that an well elaborated point or an explanation can help you better, in fact there are few activities in which small and straight forward points can help in much better manner comparing to the other once. Well this is what i would like to say in case of television purchase as well. As with all those various heavy explanations, instead of getting to know about the various points which can help us while making a purchase we rather ended with a confusion regarding what to do not to worry much as with all these points below (which are small and straight to the point) not only you’ll be able to understand better, but also would be able to act in a much better and refined manner.

Finally, all these above mentioned are few points which are to be remembered while make this purchase. And with the ease of understanding we have provided them one thing is for sure that you can easily keep them in your mind while going out for making a final decision.

Also you can check out various online shopping websites as well, as this way you can compare various products and their features in a much easier manner and price details of various products are provided as well.

Apple iPad 3 – Set to Hit UK streets on 19th March

Cupertino giant is at the moment in the spotlight with its Apple iPad 3, which is all set to hit the streets pretty soon. Even though, this much-hyped tablet was expected to touch down the market on 16th Marc. But, now company has postponed its release by 3 days. As per the company’s website, now this Apple tablet will unveil its face on 19th March.

This new iPad of Apple is coming with the support to latest 4G LTE, which ensures the fastest data transfer in comparison to its predecessors. However, this network is still not available in the UK.

Apart from this, Apple iPad 3 is empowered by a super fast quad-core A5x chip along with a Dual-core 1 GHz processor. With this snappy speed, this device is all ready to outshine the tablets of its rival including the Samsung.

This gadget comes flaunting the 9.7 inches LED-backlit IPS TFT touchscreen, which is larger even that of its Apple iPhone 4S. Moreover, this screen is sharper than the most 40-inches living room HD televisions. On this screen, you can also enjoy the high-powered 3D games like Infinity Blade: Dungeons and so on. Company has also ensured that you can see the picture so much crispy that words will appear sharper in comparison to words in print.

The 5 MP iSight camera of this gadget can record video in full HD. Company has also released a new model of Apple TV set-top box, which will also play full HD films, TV and web channels like YouTube. Thus, company has also made the movies on iTunes Store now available in Full HD for the first time. You can also online access to Apple’s iCloud movies, which you have bought on other Apple devices like iPhone.

This third generation tablet of tech-giant is based upon the newly developed Apple iOS 5.1 operating system. This store contains more than 200,000 apps, which are unsurpassed by its competitors like RIM and Google. By using its new app, you can edit 14 MP digital pics in full size on screen.

The gizmo is fitted with Li-Po 42.5 Wh battery, which can last 10 hours. It measures the 9.4 millimeters thickness in contrast to 8.8 millimeters of iPad 2 and 1.44 pounds weight in contrast to 1.33 pounds of earlier.

Apple iPad 3 deals will soon be hitting the stores of leading UK networks, which will enable you in laying hands over this much-acclaimed gadget at pocket friendly prices. These deals will be easy to compare through online mobile phone portal. You can also get its quick delivery after release at your doorstep after just placing online order on the portal.