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The Easiest Way In Order To Get A Brand New iPhone And Piss Off Your Date In One Easy Step

That is correct, anyone can aquire a brand new iphone as well as make your sweetheart loathe you in one easy step. Here’s how you do it…

There is a saying in which change is an inescapable part of living (and also In N Out Burger) so the simplest way we can recognize change would be to adapt to it.

Thus it’s with a wistful heart that I actually bid farewell to my iPhone.

My iPhone 2G!!

Indeed, it’s true. After nearly 3 years it at long last kicked the bucket on me following the 12th drop. Saturday night inside the parking area at Carlees Bar in Borrego Springs, CA (brief plug so I can get that beer comped which I neglected to pay for). I inadvertendly drop kicked it into the Lexus sport utility vehicle next to me (my apologies) and then it landed on the 30-year old asphalt. You understand, the type of asphalt Godzilla might use to file his nails.


No problem I figured. This phone has been indestructable. I’ve dropped it countless times prior to that…even down a flight of stairs…

But on this occasion I was not so lucky.

I picked up my phone, went in the restaurant, ordered that (free?) beer and started sending text messages and Twittering just like I usually do (plus I didn’t see any cute ladies to deflect my typically small attention span).

All was well then it happened: My iPhone began acting funky…screen going blank and after that turning back on and dropping signal.


You know, the type of ‘oh no’ you mutter in that quiet, halted tone essentially to yourself whenever you know you’ve truly blown it. The ‘cold shot up your back feeling.

“C’mon….no. Crap. Turn back on. No no no no…..”

And then the phone came back on.

Ok…whew…that was close! It then made a strange buzzing noise, and after that began to heat up…quickly.

It then shut off.

It was after that when I realized I had finally broke my iphone. During my hurry while in the damn parking lot to primp and preen before going in to the bar (which for any guy involves cleaning his nose area of foreign ‘objects’ and also placing breath mints in his pocket) I dropped my phone into permanent oblivion.

An unfortunate moment to be certain. Nevertheless it was Saturday night and I wasn’t going to let this misfortune ruin my evening. And also I had the perfect justification to buy the new iPhone 4!

See? Excellent! It all works out in the long run.

Then it struck me…

I don’t have a phone.

I cannot make a phone call.

I can’t send a text.

I can’t check my email.

I cannot update my Twitter.

I can’t post on Facebook.


What do I do NOW???

I needed to get myself together and quickly. I had a ‘date’ of sorts so I had to overlook this terrible turn of events and get my mind back in the game. Realizing that (almost all?) women loathe us guys that really like our devices I needed to get my ‘I don’t need a phone because I’m right here with you baby’ game face on and fast.

Yeah right.

I survived about thirty-five minutes with her. The drops of sweat began to collect on my brow and my palms started to twitch. “Where’s the phone man?” my hands were asking me. The conversation was spinning in my brain…”It’s in the car. We don’t need the iphone right now.”

“B . S .!!” I could hear my hands holler at me.

“Is there a problem?”

My date. I looked up. Perplexed. “Was she talking to me?”, I asked myself.

‘You look pale Ken,’ she stated flatly. It’s almost as though she knew the words that were going to spill out from my mouth after that.

Frickin’ women are so damn intuitive.

I attempted to fake it…

“I’m a little bummed. I dropped and broke my iPhone”, I explained in a measured tone. “I needed to make an important call and I’m slightly mad at myself. But…you know, I’ll just have to order a brand new phone after I go back home. It was time for a new one anyways.”

“Ok! I did it!” I told myself. I made it seem like it’s not a big deal and now we can have a enjoyable evening with each other.

And then she baited me. And that was it.

“Well good!! You’re talking on that phone constantly, sometimes I question if you remember that I’m actually here…you and that ‘Social dating’ fantasy-land stuff!” she barked.

I couldn’t contain myself.

“Facebook is not for dating!”, I exclaimed. “And neither is Twitter. And they will become the new email…you know…how people will communicate…it’s the way everyone will hook up to one another…it’s social media…it’s…it’s…damn! I need my phone…let me try my cell phone one more time…I really need to check my Gmail! Perhaps it’ll work this time!!!!”

My speech quivered in equal parts frustration and indignation. I mean, MY phone was busted! That ought to trump any kind of plans until this disaster is rectified.


“Freak”, she muttered to me while shaking her head. She almost looked like she felt sorry for my situation and planned to hug me…but that was my man-ego thinking.

“Where are you going?”, I asked. I understood damn well exactly where she was heading. Someplace where I, Twitter and Facebook wasn’t.

“Good luck with that search honey”, I proclaimed to myself while at the same time knowing that I had no iPhone, and no date.

So off I went back to Carlees to get a beer and pay Tony the bartender for that one I don’t imagine I’m comped on.

I’m sure I would know someone there with at least a Blackberry I could borrow.

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How To Make $100K From Your Car

You make a call on your cell phone as you pull up in front of a business. The person you called walks out in the parking lot to your car. They hand you a broken iPhone. 10 minutes later, you give it back, repaired. They hand you three $20 bills. They are HAPPY! You just made $40 or more.
The iPhone was introduced in 2007. Was it an instant hit? Yes. Did everyone who wanted one get one? No. Why? Only AT&T could sell it. It was expensive. What has changed? As the iPhone was used by owners, they sold millions of other people around the world on the iPhone. Right along side it, the same thing happened with the iPod. Apple is now HUGE and exploding. Is the market for repairing small, expensive, touch screen devices is going grow – ya think? Beyond Apple, the iPhone, iPod and iPad, other manufacturers will produce touch screen products we will love, and they all have something in common.
The touch screen glass gets broken. Any way you toss it, if they come down on a hard surface, the glass will either crack, or shatter. When people hear that you repair iPhones, the first thing that comes to mind? You must be an electronic genius. They think “geek”! Well, it takes a bit of the geek to repair these tiny devices, because they have tiny parts. However, the majority (probably 90%) of the repairs are for broken glass. Because of the way the iPhone is constructed, the glass and digitizer just below it, must be replaced. If you have a reliable supplier of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, you’ll pay about $14 for both the glass, the digitizer and the 3M sealant pad. When you’re getting $60 or even $45 for a 10 minute repair, that leaves you a sweet cash profit to report to the IRS.
How big is the demand? We placed free advertising on a Saturday, and by Tuesday, we had orders for $2,000 in repairs. Demand is huge now and exploding. It’s not just the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. Soon, Motorola or somebody is going to make a phone that people will want to keep and fix, like the iPhone. We’re headed toward an endless sea of small devices with touch pads, with broken glass.
Can you do this? Who knows. Not everyone can. You have to have be calm under pressure. Pressure? Customers love to watch you do it! You have to know enough about marketing to know how to cheaply tell people you are available to fix their iPhone. You have to have the discipline any business requires.

Best Tech Gift Ideas for High School Graduates

It is such an amazing moment for parents to watch their children graduate from high school. This is a time when it hits you that your angel now has grown up as a confident young man or woman, ready to face the world. And to applaud them with their success, you would be hell bent on getting them the right high school graduation gift. Now deciding upon the right gift for a high school graduate on his or her graduation ceremony could be a daunting task. If you are one of those who would want help choosing the “perfect gift” for the high school graduate, we at Cellhut are here to help you.

It’s all about technology honey!!

The present generation is technology driven. More than being an object of desire, technology driven gadgets and gizmos have today become completely indispensable. Thus, a gift item for the high school graduates, which they would undoubtedly love and which would come strictly under your budget is Unlocked Cell Phones. An unlocked cell phone is one which can be used invariably with multiple service providers. Thus, the users of unlocked cell phones have the liberty to change their phone numbers or the choice of network service providers, and yet use the same cell phone.

Cellhut recommends:

Below, we leave you with the current favorite, the 3 top most unlocked cell phones of 2012. Cellhut is sure that the young graduate would love to flaunt one out of these most popular unlocked cell phones amongst their friends. Please read on and be well informed for the same.

1. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note [N7000 16 GB] – Android Smartphone and Dark Blue Color:

Galaxy Note redefines insight and innovation in the world of Smart phones. It is truly a smart phone and solves the purpose of being smart and mobile. A user can hardly find one device which would satisfy all if their mobility needs such as, listening to music, surfing the internet, social media access, email access, a smart note pad to jot down any “Aha!” idea, so on and so forth.

2. Unlocked Nokia 808 PureView Phone with 41 MP camera and Carl Zeiss Optics – U.S. Warranty – White Color

If the youngster in your family has an eye for photography, he or she is surely going to love this fine smart phone set. It has 41 mega pixels sensors which comes with Carl Zeiss lens and has its very own Pure View imaging technology along with 160 degrees viewing angel. The 4 inch screen provides HD resolution and has a 16 GB of built in memory. As per the messages, it offers Email, MMS and SMS.

3. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III – Marble White

This unlocked version will work with any SIM card of the world comes with its own box of attractive accessories etc. It offers 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM and has accelerometer, barometer, proximity, gyro and compass. It is already a hit with the youngsters, thus the young graduate would

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Examination

In the CES 2012, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is actually publicized to the people. The vendor believed that it is definitely the world’s thinnest and modifiable ultra-book which they ever created. This unique tablet is definitely amazing as it gives you the 360?? hinge flip design. With this style concept, this tablet is going to be featuring up to 4 operation ways such as the tablet mode, notebook mode, stand mode, and also tent mode. Now let us examine the other technical specs of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga tablet computer.

Screen and Measurement

At the first glance, you’ll see the gorgeous and elegant design both at the top and bottom of this tablet computer. When it comes to screen factor, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga comes equipped with 13.1-inch touch-screen capacitive display up to ten points multi-touch, HD with 1600??900 px of screen resolution and also the wide viewing angle. With this gadget, you are able to experience the great responsiveness when you swipe or touch the display screen. This tablet has been regarded as the slim tablet considering that it boasts 16.9 millimeters in depth. In addition, it is just a light tablet from Lenovo that features just 1.47 kg in heaviness.

Overall Performance

To back up the operation, the tablet PC boasts the Intel Core processor (Ivy Bridge next generation) together with the Microsoft Windows 8 for PC tablet. This gadget is going to be also included with the 8 GB of RAM together with the 256 GB SSD for the storage space.

The Operation Modes

One of the outstanding features of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is definitely the 4 distinctive utilization modes thanks to the 360?? dual-hinge flip style. The 2 basic modes that include the notebook and tablet mode will offer the very same usefulness with many other laptop/tablet available on the market. When using it in the stand mode, it may help you simpler to deal with this tablet by using the touch functionality only and without the usage of key-board definitely. In this stand mode, the keypad is going to be facing down to the work desk or whatever. But do not worry that in this mode, the keypad functionality will be disabled.

Multimedia and Connectivity

Anytime you want to take advantage of this tablet computer just for your own enjoyment, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga supplies the magnificent multimedia features. It contains the Dolby Home Theatre V4 sound system together with the Lenovo High-Sense Web Camera which can give the high-definition video quality (720p). For the local and wireless network needs, there’ll be the microUSB, wireless Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, and Ethernet LAN contained in this tablet PC. In addition, you will be supplied with the micro SD card slot along with the rotation lock key.

Cost and Verdict

In regards to the cost, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga will include the expected price of approximately USD1200-1300. However this is somewhat very expensive, but it’s still worth to obtain mainly because you’re going to be given the interesting operation modes, most innovative hardware and operating-system, very great RAM together with several other leading-edge capabilities.

How to Use Apple iPad Manual For New Users

You have bought an ipad but the problem now is how to use it. If you don’t know how to operate or use your ipad, you will never know its value, benefits and importance. First of all, what is ipad? An ipad has a full name known as eye pad. It is a line of tablet computers that is designed, developed, manufactured and marketed by a technology company called Apple product is primarily designed as a platform for audio- visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games and web content. It is unfortunate that a lot of people don’t know its features and what they can use it for.

Before you can start learning how to use any product, you must first of all understand the features of that product and what you can use it for.

The ipad has size and weight just like contemporary smart phones and laptop computers. It runs the same operating system as the ipod touch and at the same time, it runs its own applications as well as iphone applications.

What you must understand is that the ipad will only run programs that are approved by the company that manufactured it which is Apple Inc and all the programs are being distributed via Apple Store. The ipad web browser is different; you can use it to browse the internet just like your normal laptop computer. Additional programs apart from browsing the net are distributed via Apple Store. Apple Store showcases, distributes and markets their programs through the device.

The ipad uses a Wi-Fi connection to access local area networks and the internet. There are some models that have inbuilt 3G wireless interface that can easily connect to HSPA or EV-DO data networks and on the internet.

Now that you have your own ipad, the first thing you should do is to get yourself some apps from Apple Store. There are over 140,000 apps or programs in Apple Store. You need to download or install them into your ipad. Some basic ones are Netflix, which lets you stream movies and TV shows right on your iPad, and Flipboard, which will arrange your Twitter and Facebook feeds in a magazine-style format.

Endless Music Fun with The Apple iPod

Have you noticed how music has penetrated into our day to day life? Think about your last trip to the mall, a sporting event, grocery store or the last time your call was put on hold. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could listen to your choice of music instead of those overplayed songs? What if you could have your own personal DJ so that you can hear music on the go?

The Apple iPod needs no introduction. Having revolutionized the way we hear music, this portable electronic device is a favorite amongst all age groups. Whether you are a music junkie, occasional listener, frequent traveler or a fitness freak, there is one out there, made just for you!

The classic Apple iPod with its 80GB or 160 GB capacity enables you to store your entire music and video collection in your pocket. Click Wheel makes it very easy to navigate, adjust volume, explore the menu and flip through music by album cover. Equipped with a display screen of 2.5 inches you can watch movies and TV shows. An audio playback of 40 hours makes this an ideal travel companion. Plug it into iPod speakers or a sound dock and you don’t need to invest in another music system.

In case you feel that the classic model is too bulky, then you can opt for the iPod Nano or the Shuffle. Smaller and lighter, this can be clipped to your jacket, sleeve or even track suit so that you can access your favorite music at your fingertip. Ideal for runners and joggers, the nano comes with a built in FM Radio and pedometer. With six different colors up for grabs, the multi -touch iPod Nano is a must-have.

If you are looking for a transportable media player similar to the iPhone, then consider investing in an iPod touch. The most exciting feature – Face Time video calling enables you to see your friends while you talk to them. With applications such as music, videos, photos and iTunes, this device comes with a flash memory of 8GB or 16 GB.

Remember the time you listened to music on your walkman? With limited space available on those tapes, having to narrow down your favorite playlist? Oh, and the constant rewind and fast-forward to listen to your ‘song of the day’. Those days are certainly history. With the Apple iPod and all its cousins such as the Nano, the Mini and the Shuffle you can store thousands of songs which will accompany you wherever you go.

Give Your Photos a Perfect Look With iPhone App iPhoto

Now you can give your photos a perfect touch with iPhone app iPhoto..

There is an excellent capability entailed into iPhoto for iPhone, trust it or be assured after touching it. Just by using your fingers, you will be able to develop a much shiner appearance into your photo, make a blue sea bluer, a landscape greener or smile shinier. From the instance you touch the screen, the scene will be completely changed and nothing will remain same.

Easy to handle, just touch and pick:

If you are using iPhoto, the phenomenal changes are too vital. You can create a flying color pic or convert it into a landscape or portrait. Also, you can choose the style of your wish by comparing a good deal of different designs rolling on the screen. Its playfulness, it’s visceral. And you will not be able to help smiling if using it.

Multi-touch editing:

iPhoto entirely changes your experience of editing your photo, by giving it into your personal hands. The technique is so simple you will not need to be a master or learn any kind of tutorial prior to using it. Simply choose the part of pic you want to edit and then drag and drop various effects and slides convert a piece into a master piece.

Prime effects:

A huge number of predesigned effects are available which you can choose from in order to make your photo worth praising. Something dramatic, something exotic and out of this world. Choose any of the options and browse different effects to pick out which one suits you the best. Then just swipe, zoom or slide to modify any effect. This way, you have made the effort of hours into just a matter of some moments.


Brushes are there to give a more professional and sough out look to your edited photo. Modify the colors, the appearance and the background. Just use your finger to swipe the brush over the pick, adjust the brightness or use the sharpen brush to discover the good points. Or utilize the soften brush to smooth the hard lines and edges.

Photo Journals:

Satisfied with the changes you have made in your photo, now its time to tell the world what you have done. If you are still using the conventional methods of uploading the photo on web, you surely are missing a lot. Use the iPhoto journal to post it on your public profile. You may also tag the photo, specify the location or choose the style in which you want your photo to appear. Giving your family and friends the great picture gift was never so easy and handy.

From a huge collection of iPhone apps, this one is my favorite with a good margin, and will be yours as well once you learn how to use it. Practice more to become and expert and soon you will find yourself a good photo editor.

Make use of All Features On Your Apple Tablet With Jailbreak iPad2

The very first time when Apple launched its new device called iPad, everyone was amazed with its features and capabilities. Lots of people are still amazed even with the new version iPad2 with more features and applications to run. Many Apple devices are gaining in popularity such as iPhone. Unfortunately there are a huge selection of applications that one can enjoy but can’t be downloaded due to restrictions from the operating system of Apple. With jailbreaking, it’ll allow you to tweak the device and enjoy other benefits from it.

Apple is not a fan of jailbreaking that it has made efforts to improve the security against hackers. Jailbreak iPad2 allowed the user to download applications that have been restricted by Apple. Apple may implement technical counter measures against iPad2 Jailbreak however it cannot sue the jailbreakers since this is considered legal. Jailbreak iPad2 was a success that were put up with various hackers and they’ll soon face another test when the new version of iPad will release and hopefully they will once again release jailbreak iPad3.

On the very first jailbreak iPad, this allows users to use various USB devices on their iPad which was nearly impossible to do. Because of jailbreak iPad, other types of devices like USB microphones, headsets, Bluetooth can now be used with your tablet. With Jailbreak iPad and Jailbreak iPad2, this allows many users to customize their tablets widely which weren’t allowed by Apple. With this, users can enjoy listening to music and play games that were nearly impossible to do. In iPad2 jailbreak, this also allows users to save on disc space especially in movies. Ipad Jailbreak ensures that movies can stream directly from your PC to your iPad.

The iPad3 jailbreak is a new challenge to the hackers. Even if the iPad3 is not yet out in the market, many individuals are asking if jailbreak iPad 3 will be successful. Apple is still releasing new devices and every device gets more complicated for hackers to jailbreak it. However, with the number of professionals all working hand in hand at jailbreaking, it wouldn’t be long after the release of iPad 3 that they can run the jailbreaking applications.

Transform Your iPad 2 into an Amazing and Stylish Gadget

iPad 2 is very popular these days and every second person is planning to buy this stylish electronic gadget. In order to make your gadget more attractive and stylish, you can buy stylish accessories. In order to use iPad to its full potential, it is essential for you to have some basic iPad accessories that will keep it secure and functional all times. Although there are various accessories available for iPad, but you have to identify the most important to increase its utility and functionality to a great extent. Without any doubt, one of the most important factors to use iPad 2 accessories is to protect your iPad from external factors. These protective accessories include iPad 2 case, cover, skin, pouches, etc that will always keep your sleek device new and stylish. Such protective accessories also come in variety so you do not have to compromise with your style quotient while buying an iPad accessory. The best part is that such protective accessories can be purchased as per the priorities. For example, if your preference is to buy an elegant iPad 2 case, then various options in leather and fabric that will ensure perfect and classy looks can be considered. iPad 2 cases and covers with different designs and images are easily available in the market and you can select any of them as per your choice.

For example, if you are a nature lover then you can buy these protective accessories with the scenery images and nature loving quotations printed on them. A lot of other fancy and attractive protective accessories are available in the market. However, if you are not interested in buying fancy accessories then you can also buy woollen cases for your expensive gadget. Such types of protective cases are available in black, brown, and grey colors, which look quite professional and sophisticated.

However, you must buy the protective accessories from any authorized dealer. These skins are available at reasonable rates for just $17 to $25. This is important to understand that prices of iPad 2 accessories vary from store to store, as they are dependent on the location and good will of the retailer. If the retailer is authorized and having an outlet in the main city, then he may charge you more money for the accessories. However, usually the protective accessories including cases, skins, covers, and stickers can be purchased for $17 to $35.


iSkysoft DVD Ripper For Mac Adds Support For iPad mini and iPad 4

iSkysoft Studio, a professional developer of Mac multimedia processing tools, today has released an update to its DVD Ripper for Mac 2.6.1. The new version of Mac media converter has been upgraded to providing brand new features by adding fresh profiles and expanding audio and video format supported by iPad Mini and iPad 4. iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac is a powerful ripping software for Mac users to rip encrypted or homemade DVDs with simplicity. Easily rip movies for portable devices like iPod, iPhone 4, etc. Convert DVDs to video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, etc. This Ripper can also capture DVD audio to MP3. It is still perfectly compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

New functionality in V2.6.1 includes: Additionally, the new software with the following improvements: “iPad Mini and iPad 4 are going to shake up the tablet market this fall, to make utmost out of the tablets and suit the requirement of ripping DVD movies for iPad mini/4, iSkysoft Ripperadds new optimized profiles especially for iPad Mini/4 with flawless computability.” said Raymond Chan, CEO of iSkysoft. “As with the new iPad mini/iPad 4 profiles and latest encryption, we should certainly guide our customers on how to bring it into full visual enjoyment with iPad device at the first time.” Pricing and Availability iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac is $29.00 (USD), please keep an eye on the price for the change. About iSkysoft iSkysoft was founded by and for people who are passionate about Apple. In 2005, together with more young, energetic new coworkers, iSkysoft Studio teammates started to devote themselves to developing multimedia software that seamlessly supported Macintosh platform. The company is dedicated in creating affordable and easy multimedia software to make Mac life fun.