The Easiest Way In Order To Get A Brand New iPhone And Piss Off Your Date In One Easy Step

That is correct, anyone can aquire a brand new iphone as well as make your sweetheart loathe you in one easy step. Here’s how you do it…

There is a saying in which change is an inescapable part of living (and also In N Out Burger) so the simplest way we can recognize change would be to adapt to it.

Thus it’s with a wistful heart that I actually bid farewell to my iPhone.

My iPhone 2G!!

Indeed, it’s true. After nearly 3 years it at long last kicked the bucket on me following the 12th drop. Saturday night inside the parking area at Carlees Bar in Borrego Springs, CA (brief plug so I can get that beer comped which I neglected to pay for). I inadvertendly drop kicked it into the Lexus sport utility vehicle next to me (my apologies) and then it landed on the 30-year old asphalt. You understand, the type of asphalt Godzilla might use to file his nails.


No problem I figured. This phone has been indestructable. I’ve dropped it countless times prior to that…even down a flight of stairs…

But on this occasion I was not so lucky.

I picked up my phone, went in the restaurant, ordered that (free?) beer and started sending text messages and Twittering just like I usually do (plus I didn’t see any cute ladies to deflect my typically small attention span).

All was well then it happened: My iPhone began acting funky…screen going blank and after that turning back on and dropping signal.


You know, the type of ‘oh no’ you mutter in that quiet, halted tone essentially to yourself whenever you know you’ve truly blown it. The ‘cold shot up your back feeling.

“C’mon….no. Crap. Turn back on. No no no no…..”

And then the phone came back on.

Ok…whew…that was close! It then made a strange buzzing noise, and after that began to heat up…quickly.

It then shut off.

It was after that when I realized I had finally broke my iphone. During my hurry while in the damn parking lot to primp and preen before going in to the bar (which for any guy involves cleaning his nose area of foreign ‘objects’ and also placing breath mints in his pocket) I dropped my phone into permanent oblivion.

An unfortunate moment to be certain. Nevertheless it was Saturday night and I wasn’t going to let this misfortune ruin my evening. And also I had the perfect justification to buy the new iPhone 4!

See? Excellent! It all works out in the long run.

Then it struck me…

I don’t have a phone.

I cannot make a phone call.

I can’t send a text.

I can’t check my email.

I cannot update my Twitter.

I can’t post on Facebook.


What do I do NOW???

I needed to get myself together and quickly. I had a ‘date’ of sorts so I had to overlook this terrible turn of events and get my mind back in the game. Realizing that (almost all?) women loathe us guys that really like our devices I needed to get my ‘I don’t need a phone because I’m right here with you baby’ game face on and fast.

Yeah right.

I survived about thirty-five minutes with her. The drops of sweat began to collect on my brow and my palms started to twitch. “Where’s the phone man?” my hands were asking me. The conversation was spinning in my brain…”It’s in the car. We don’t need the iphone right now.”

“B . S .!!” I could hear my hands holler at me.

“Is there a problem?”

My date. I looked up. Perplexed. “Was she talking to me?”, I asked myself.

‘You look pale Ken,’ she stated flatly. It’s almost as though she knew the words that were going to spill out from my mouth after that.

Frickin’ women are so damn intuitive.

I attempted to fake it…

“I’m a little bummed. I dropped and broke my iPhone”, I explained in a measured tone. “I needed to make an important call and I’m slightly mad at myself. But…you know, I’ll just have to order a brand new phone after I go back home. It was time for a new one anyways.”

“Ok! I did it!” I told myself. I made it seem like it’s not a big deal and now we can have a enjoyable evening with each other.

And then she baited me. And that was it.

“Well good!! You’re talking on that phone constantly, sometimes I question if you remember that I’m actually here…you and that ‘Social dating’ fantasy-land stuff!” she barked.

I couldn’t contain myself.

“Facebook is not for dating!”, I exclaimed. “And neither is Twitter. And they will become the new email…you know…how people will communicate…it’s the way everyone will hook up to one another…it’s social media…it’s…it’s…damn! I need my phone…let me try my cell phone one more time…I really need to check my Gmail! Perhaps it’ll work this time!!!!”

My speech quivered in equal parts frustration and indignation. I mean, MY phone was busted! That ought to trump any kind of plans until this disaster is rectified.


“Freak”, she muttered to me while shaking her head. She almost looked like she felt sorry for my situation and planned to hug me…but that was my man-ego thinking.

“Where are you going?”, I asked. I understood damn well exactly where she was heading. Someplace where I, Twitter and Facebook wasn’t.

“Good luck with that search honey”, I proclaimed to myself while at the same time knowing that I had no iPhone, and no date.

So off I went back to Carlees to get a beer and pay Tony the bartender for that one I don’t imagine I’m comped on.

I’m sure I would know someone there with at least a Blackberry I could borrow.

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Explore our stylish and durable iPhone 16 cases, from slim designs for sleek aesthetics to tough cases for ultimate protection. Featuring spectacular prints and MagSafe compatibility, find your perfect iphone 16 case Enhance your iPhone 16 with covers designed for style and safety. Our range offers easy MagSafe attachment and protection in a variety of stunning designs. Shop now for the perfect case!

How To Make $100K From Your Car

You make a call on your cell phone as you pull up in front of a business. The person you called walks out in the parking lot to your car. They hand you a broken iPhone. 10 minutes later, you give it back, repaired. They hand you three $20 bills. They are HAPPY! You just made $40 or more.
The iPhone was introduced in 2007. Was it an instant hit? Yes. Did everyone who wanted one get one? No. Why? Only AT&T could sell it. It was expensive. What has changed? As the iPhone was used by owners, they sold millions of other people around the world on the iPhone. Right along side it, the same thing happened with the iPod. Apple is now HUGE and exploding. Is the market for repairing small, expensive, touch screen devices is going grow – ya think? Beyond Apple, the iPhone, iPod and iPad, other manufacturers will produce touch screen products we will love, and they all have something in common.
The touch screen glass gets broken. Any way you toss it, if they come down on a hard surface, the glass will either crack, or shatter. When people hear that you repair iPhones, the first thing that comes to mind? You must be an electronic genius. They think “geek”! Well, it takes a bit of the geek to repair these tiny devices, because they have tiny parts. However, the majority (probably 90%) of the repairs are for broken glass. Because of the way the iPhone is constructed, the glass and digitizer just below it, must be replaced. If you have a reliable supplier of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, you’ll pay about $14 for both the glass, the digitizer and the 3M sealant pad. When you’re getting $60 or even $45 for a 10 minute repair, that leaves you a sweet cash profit to report to the IRS.
How big is the demand? We placed free advertising on a Saturday, and by Tuesday, we had orders for $2,000 in repairs. Demand is huge now and exploding. It’s not just the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. Soon, Motorola or somebody is going to make a phone that people will want to keep and fix, like the iPhone. We’re headed toward an endless sea of small devices with touch pads, with broken glass.
Can you do this? Who knows. Not everyone can. You have to have be calm under pressure. Pressure? Customers love to watch you do it! You have to know enough about marketing to know how to cheaply tell people you are available to fix their iPhone. You have to have the discipline any business requires.

To Jailbreak iPhones Is Legal According to The USA Supreme Court

There is a whole sub-industry within the field of the mobile phone market place related to the jailbreak or unlocking of the mobile phones so that they can be used on any cellular network, and recent Supreme Court decisions in the USA handed down have confirmed that the jailbreak industry is legal and legitimate. That is, end-user customers are quite within their legal rights to do what they wish to their mobile phone handset to enable the phone to work on other network carriers which is commonly known as jailbreak or unlocking the network block.
The concept of locking mobile phones first arose as a marketing ploy by some of the major mobile phone networks and the manufacturers of the phone hardware whereby a network was given exclusive access to market a model of phones whereby the manufacturer would add blocks into the phone to limit which carrier network the phone would work on. Often this meant that the authorized carrier would then finance the very high price they charged for the telephone by locking the customer into a long-term contract, and the courts have found such financing arrangements to also be legal – providing there has been full disclosure to the end-user. However, the courts have found there is no legal basis to prevent the customer doing what they wish to the telephone, including the right to use software or alternative SIM-cards to bypass the network block previously installed on the telephone by the manufacturer.
To jailbreak the Apple brand called the iPhone has been particularly popular because of Apple’s propensity to do these exclusive marketing deals with mobile phone carriers in the various markets around the World, and there is no question that to jailbreak iPhone hardware is very simple and effective. The customer is always still obliged to pay the originating carrier for the financed phone, yet the end-user is able to make calls with other network carriers legally and without constraint.

What the Advantages of Having Mobile Phone And Digital As Well As Digital SLR Camera Reviews India

The thought of buying a gadget in this modern world can be simply terrifying for people, so much so that they can get confused and usually end up buying a product which wouldn’t be to their satisfaction. This is not only a waste of money but also makes the buyer feel miserable. People understand this fact and are wary of the psychology but are not aware of how to go about preventing such a situation. They might do a window shopping and see the various items present inside the store or can browse through the items in an online portal. But still then they are not sure about the gadget which would be suitable for them.

Mobile phones and cameras are some of the important modern day equipments which almost everyone is buying these days. India, being a potential market for such products, is being targeted by various brands to increase their sales. And therefore, it is not surprising to see a large number of these digital cameras and SLR cameras being sold in the market. Also, the famous brands are coming out with newer models every year, so that there is further increase in the confusion among the buyers.

Before going for the purchase of mobile phones in India, one should read the mobile phone reviews India. By doing so, the customers can get a few benefits. These same benefits are accrued by reading the digital camera reviews India also. The very first advantage that people get is the knowledge about the prices of the different products.

There are various brands selling mobile phones such as Sony Ericsson, Dell, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. Each brand and the individual models of these brands are priced differently. Once the prices are known by people, they will be able to arrange the finances and then according to affordability select the mobile phone that suits their need and pocket the best.

There is one more advantage of going through the reviews and this is the information on the presence of the specifications in the gadgets which people seek. Digital cameras are handy gadgets to capture moments in form of images and these are available in the market from different brands and have different specifications. It is mostly due to the presence or absence of specifications like DSLR, megapixels, digital zoom, shutter speed, LCD display, type of sensor, etc which can bring about a change in the prices.

By reading the digital SLR camera reviews India, and the digital camera reviews India, people will get the right camera for their hobby or profession. Every year, something new is being added in terms of technology, to the wide array of products. In order to keep track of the newly introduced items, people need to go for the mobile phone reviews India or the digital camera reviews India so that they can buy the right product, which makes for one more advantage of these kinds of reviews.

These writings regarding various products and the opinions expressed by people are very much helpful for people when they are out there in the shops to buy the right one. This leads to a personal satisfaction as well as possession of a gadget that is good enough according to the needs of the consumers.

Best Tech Gift Ideas for High School Graduates

It is such an amazing moment for parents to watch their children graduate from high school. This is a time when it hits you that your angel now has grown up as a confident young man or woman, ready to face the world. And to applaud them with their success, you would be hell bent on getting them the right high school graduation gift. Now deciding upon the right gift for a high school graduate on his or her graduation ceremony could be a daunting task. If you are one of those who would want help choosing the “perfect gift” for the high school graduate, we at Cellhut are here to help you.

It’s all about technology honey!!

The present generation is technology driven. More than being an object of desire, technology driven gadgets and gizmos have today become completely indispensable. Thus, a gift item for the high school graduates, which they would undoubtedly love and which would come strictly under your budget is Unlocked Cell Phones. An unlocked cell phone is one which can be used invariably with multiple service providers. Thus, the users of unlocked cell phones have the liberty to change their phone numbers or the choice of network service providers, and yet use the same cell phone.

Cellhut recommends:

Below, we leave you with the current favorite, the 3 top most unlocked cell phones of 2012. Cellhut is sure that the young graduate would love to flaunt one out of these most popular unlocked cell phones amongst their friends. Please read on and be well informed for the same.

1. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note [N7000 16 GB] – Android Smartphone and Dark Blue Color:

Galaxy Note redefines insight and innovation in the world of Smart phones. It is truly a smart phone and solves the purpose of being smart and mobile. A user can hardly find one device which would satisfy all if their mobility needs such as, listening to music, surfing the internet, social media access, email access, a smart note pad to jot down any “Aha!” idea, so on and so forth.

2. Unlocked Nokia 808 PureView Phone with 41 MP camera and Carl Zeiss Optics – U.S. Warranty – White Color

If the youngster in your family has an eye for photography, he or she is surely going to love this fine smart phone set. It has 41 mega pixels sensors which comes with Carl Zeiss lens and has its very own Pure View imaging technology along with 160 degrees viewing angel. The 4 inch screen provides HD resolution and has a 16 GB of built in memory. As per the messages, it offers Email, MMS and SMS.

3. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III – Marble White

This unlocked version will work with any SIM card of the world comes with its own box of attractive accessories etc. It offers 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM and has accelerometer, barometer, proximity, gyro and compass. It is already a hit with the youngsters, thus the young graduate would

Intex Aqua I-5 with 1.2GHz Quad-core Processor, Android 4.2 Launched for Rs. 11,690

Intex, the Indian based phone manufacturers has announced the launch of a new Aqua I-5 flagship Smartphone. With amazing display, features, and other specs, the company has all set to come up with its latest Android 4.2 in-built Smartphone in Indian market.

Reviews and specs of Intex Aqua I-5


The Smartphone features a smooth capacitive touch screen of 5 Inch qHD with 960X540 Pixels resolutions.


Intex tries to incorporate many features to woo the gadget lovers. The Smartphone Aqua I-5 offers many striking features such as –

The Company aims to provide advanced features in the flagship Smartphone at an affordable rate.


The camera of new Intex Aqua I-5 is 12mp Autofocus with LED flash and BSI sensor, along with 2MP front-facing camera.


New Aqua I-5 Smartphone offers storage of 1GB RAM. It packs in 4 GB internal storage that can be further expanded up to 32 GB through a microSD card.


The battery of Aqua I-5 is very pleasing, as it has 2000mAh battery with up to 5 hours and up to 7 days of standby.


The Smartphone has Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS and offers 1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor.


Available in two different and striking colors – Black and White, the Intex Aqua I-5 is price at Rs. 11, 690. The Company also offers a flip cover along with the device for free.

Pros and Cons

The overall look and features of the phone looks amazing and striking. However, in terms of its cost, there are many other Smartphones available in same costs that are already competing in the market. So this smartphone will give a stiff competition to the other quad-core phablet in the Indian market such as Zen Ultrafone 701 HD, Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, Micromax A110Q and many others. Certainly, a long lasting battery with other amazing features will definitely going to persuade Smartphone lovers.


Apart from this, Intex is launching 12-mid segment Smartphone under the Aqua Range and planning to launch 20 more in the coming quarter. Certainly, this new launch by Intex will put forward the latest technology and features at an affordable price. With the rich, new features of this Smartphone, along with a reasonable price tag, the company is all set to enter the battlefield with other big competitors.

According the sources, the company has sold 7 lac handsets last month out of which 1 Lac phone were Aqua phones. With latest features and new look, the new Smart Phone by Intex is all ready to impress gadget freaks. The new Smartphone Intex Aqua I-5 would be available from more than 15,000 reseller outlets, distributors, and forty plus INTEX SQUARES, leading e-commerce portals and several hypermarkets across the country.

Samsung Mv800 With Multiview Feature

Samsung is a giant company when it comes to mobile and electronic have ventured out in the digital camera segment with a bang and have come out with many amazing cameras for you capture your special Samsung digital camera price list is very attractive as well as competitive in the market camera from Samsung has come out with the new feature called the Multiview unique digital camera that has a flip-out touch screen intention of the camera is very clear, you simply have to click and choose the moment the rest will be done by the camera without any fuss or is here to shoot real-like images and from all the inbuilt technology is very important when it comes to cameras, and other electronic the success of Samsung 2View technology, the new Multiview technology has reached a new level altogether.

The Samsung MV800 is an ultra slim and elegant camera that is packed with plenty of features that are cool and work well with today’s camera is built with 3 inch LCD size and has a resolution of 16.15 mega pixels and has a sensor is CCD type and is equipped with 5x optical zoom for getting closer with distant objects where you cannot reach with your unique screen is something to admire about and the metallic finish gives it a very eye catching 26mm wide angle lens comes in high definition and helps you to capture long and wide shots with ease and without distorting the colors.

It is excellent when it comes to capturing the sunrise, sunsets, the horizons, scenery, is a compact model that you can carry anywhere and looks elegant as well. The unique flip design will certainly attract the attention of others.Moreover, the interface is easy to choose the modes and is brightly lit with the necessary the USB cable provided on the interface and many other features that will make your photography easy and work with Samsung MV800 reviews are all praise for the technology used in the digital camera.

There are many pros in the MV800 and you will believe it when you experience the quality of the images and ease of distinct rotation of the LCD screen that goes a full 180 degrees can help to capture you in the image as low ground shooting is easy and effective as well. The other features are the HD video, magic frame features we templates, 3D and panorama capabilities, warps images, funny face feature and app driven graphical user Samsung MV800 price is Rs. 12,499 approximately.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Examination

In the CES 2012, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is actually publicized to the people. The vendor believed that it is definitely the world’s thinnest and modifiable ultra-book which they ever created. This unique tablet is definitely amazing as it gives you the 360?? hinge flip design. With this style concept, this tablet is going to be featuring up to 4 operation ways such as the tablet mode, notebook mode, stand mode, and also tent mode. Now let us examine the other technical specs of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga tablet computer.

Screen and Measurement

At the first glance, you’ll see the gorgeous and elegant design both at the top and bottom of this tablet computer. When it comes to screen factor, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga comes equipped with 13.1-inch touch-screen capacitive display up to ten points multi-touch, HD with 1600??900 px of screen resolution and also the wide viewing angle. With this gadget, you are able to experience the great responsiveness when you swipe or touch the display screen. This tablet has been regarded as the slim tablet considering that it boasts 16.9 millimeters in depth. In addition, it is just a light tablet from Lenovo that features just 1.47 kg in heaviness.

Overall Performance

To back up the operation, the tablet PC boasts the Intel Core processor (Ivy Bridge next generation) together with the Microsoft Windows 8 for PC tablet. This gadget is going to be also included with the 8 GB of RAM together with the 256 GB SSD for the storage space.

The Operation Modes

One of the outstanding features of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is definitely the 4 distinctive utilization modes thanks to the 360?? dual-hinge flip style. The 2 basic modes that include the notebook and tablet mode will offer the very same usefulness with many other laptop/tablet available on the market. When using it in the stand mode, it may help you simpler to deal with this tablet by using the touch functionality only and without the usage of key-board definitely. In this stand mode, the keypad is going to be facing down to the work desk or whatever. But do not worry that in this mode, the keypad functionality will be disabled.

Multimedia and Connectivity

Anytime you want to take advantage of this tablet computer just for your own enjoyment, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga supplies the magnificent multimedia features. It contains the Dolby Home Theatre V4 sound system together with the Lenovo High-Sense Web Camera which can give the high-definition video quality (720p). For the local and wireless network needs, there’ll be the microUSB, wireless Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, and Ethernet LAN contained in this tablet PC. In addition, you will be supplied with the micro SD card slot along with the rotation lock key.

Cost and Verdict

In regards to the cost, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga will include the expected price of approximately USD1200-1300. However this is somewhat very expensive, but it’s still worth to obtain mainly because you’re going to be given the interesting operation modes, most innovative hardware and operating-system, very great RAM together with several other leading-edge capabilities.

Extra Ordinary Sony Tablet S SGPT111IN S Features

Each day new technologies are being introduced in the market by different companies. Everybody knows Sony is a famous company and the technologies of this company are also wonderful. Some products of this company is at a reasonable rate and have been considered the best one. The new technology which has been launched is also considered the best one with many features and the technology is Sony Tablet S-SGPT111IN/S which is a fantastic tablet PC with excellent design and a great tablet pc has some features like mobile processor, CPU with 1 GHz speed, etc. There are new discoveries which arose, totally new things and some new technologies have been invented which is moving quickly. A Sony company has invented this first tablet with Wi-Fi facility. It uses Honeycomb operating system and functions powerfully. The tablet PC has HD video gaming enabled and fine graphics. People who are behind in making of this tablet have tried all the features. Data is transmitted speedily as it consists of 1 GB of RAM.

If you see, Sony Tablet S price is reasonable and so more buyers are attracted towards it. The backside of the tablet is of plastic and is easy to hold it. This tablet has a better LCD screen and has an ability of 31 hours of backup of music battery. It has a good touch screen and can easily connect with internet. The technology used in this table is tru -black technology.

The design of the tablet PC is attractive and has 16GB of storage capacity which is quite good. There is no problem in connection as you can connect easily. It supports so many files like A2DP, OPP, EDR, etc. However, nobody is clear about the price. The other features included are GPS and Bluetooth facility. The weight of the tablet is low and so anybody can hold it. This is the first tablet where you can play your play station games. Total 1 GB memory is available in the tablet. It does have two kinds of camera, one is primary and another is secondary camera. The sound quality is quite good. This tablet is considered as a different stuff introduced by Sony. Now, everybody needs to check how long this product will be there in the market. The total talk time battery backup is about 8 hours. Users can use cameras which is a totally new experience so everybody would like it. This tablet consists of an excellent sound card and memory card as well.

Reliable and Best Samsung & Soundzone Accessories

If you own a Samsung smartphone or tab, you would surely look forward to all the accessories, which you can use for it, which are meant to add excellence to these services. Samsung accessories being offered in the marketplace are always available in the special appeal offered with them. Designers of these accessories are aware of the fact that how important style becomes for all the Samsung users. Hence, all the services offered by the brands in this field are world class and can make the people shine with their style all the time.

The best thing about these accessories is that they are available with the assurance of quality and special features associated with them. One can have the best types of raw material used and best design technique used to develop special design appeal for the handsets. The covers, screen protectors, screen shields, key guards and laminated covers etc. are available for all the handsets having excellent levels lined up in them. Hence, no matter which particular smartphone model you have of this brand, you can find the best and stylish accessory for it. These samsung accessories can be shopped online as well and this has increased the level of comfort for the shoppers in brilliant ways.

There are plenty of Soundzone accessories are also offered on the web, which make the feeling of listening to the music and enjoying it even better. There are plenty of ideas, which can be explored from here. It has added to entire growth process and made it possible for the businesses to reach the brilliance of excellence in every ways. This has added to the style factor of all those, who are in love with listening to the music in their own stylish ways.

Most of the Soundzone accessories are designed in such a manner that they have glossy appeal and can add to brilliance in various ways. It is exciting to see these solutions for style available that easily. The major thing that interests the customers more is that they can have a special line styled accessories for music contraptions for them and that too on reduced prices via deals. There are countless choices and regular discounts lined up for people. This is pretty interesting to see and it has increased the growth level of the customers purchasing stuff from these types of web based platforms too. After all, who doesn’t want to have the best shopping experience while paying less money for best quality so far.