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What to Expect From The Smart Watch? The Tech Rumor Building Into News

Apple and Samsung released their versions in the tech news sphere about their intention to build smart watch, details of which are still guessed and added every day. Some of the estimated features also get deleted when a new company press release hints at something different. In recent times Google and LG have also thrown in their towels for this segment. Boost by their Optima Success LG is invigorated for the mobile segment now. We can also put in our guess in this regard.

The first thing that strikes me is Google had taken patent for such a product two years back. That means their intentions and planning started then though they were neither sure about the technology or the features. We have not heard about other companies, may be they played it smart. So it can be that the product is not completely done yet but with that single press release from Apple others (it is sure they were also working on the product, getting tip of it through corporate espionage) have hurried to put finishing touch to whatever is complete. So you can expect a preliminary product which is neither complete in idea nor technology. They will keep on improving this like the iPhone of GS series.

What do we get? This is the next step in integrating accessories with gadgets. So, many of your smart phone facilities will come into it. The touch screen is a very strong contender. Once a person gets used to the touch screen it is cruel to take it away. There can be some integrated features where the watch works as precursor to the smart phone. Since it will be directly attached to the body, prepare to get your health check-ups done through it only. The sensors can get data and communicate their results with warning to the person wearing it. So many features with biological impacts are possible when the device is bodily connected. All features though will not come in first edition only. It will be staggered.

The communication will definitely be a part of it. The exact methods will depend on individual companies. Here you can expect lot of variation so that a loyal customer is confused once they change brand. Be prepared to find some surprises if an Apple follower goes for Samsung. It will not only integrate with your mobile but even with home security and communication controls they have. Even vehicle locks and other digital locks may be inserted. A small key to control the surroundings is what the watch can turn into.

As the market heats up with giants' participation we can expect more surprises. As more devices come up outside of the smart phone peripherals we can expect the smart watch to integrate them. They will have different dimensions and even the flexible metal or glass technology is another option. Since the introduction of Google Glass it is still debatable whether personal-space technologies should be encouraged or not but we can only understand their full impact once they have been used and impacts analysed.