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Football: Focus on Betting Data in Italy and Europe

The world of online betting sites has quickly taken off in every area of betting from the casino to the general election. The field of betting has found fortune in the world of sport, in particular, in football. In fact, between 2014 and 2016, bets on Europeans and the World Cup have dramatically increased the number of online betting sales of all kinds. Finding the best betting site, which is the most reliable is serious, is a difficult choice for those who enjoy playing for once. But how many are betting on football in Italy? And in Europe? In Italy, 2017 was a very fruitful year for betting. The news agency AGIMEG has calculated that around 10 billion euros have been played by online bettors of every sport, of which a good 8 and a half billion have been won by the players. The increase in spending from 2016 to 2017 was almost 45% with bookmaker returns of around 1.3 billion euros. Thanks to the Serie A Christmas shift, in that month of December, the wagered amount was 215 million euros with a 290% increase compared to the amount played the previous year. Of these data, however, it must be taken into account that almost 75% of the bets affect the world of football. If we think that, at the beginning of the millennium, online sports bets collected around 92% of the funds only from football, we realize that the percentage has drastically fallen. The scandals with football – betting, the so-called “rigged” games and the swollen odds, in fact, have erased any interest on the part of the bettors to bet any amount of money on any team. Many sports, among other things, are catching on the side of football like rugby, basketball, football. In the other countries of Europe, betting on sports betting is very fruitful. In England, for example, the offices are scattered over the entire surface of the island. If we consider that William Hill and Ladbrokers have achieved global success, we realize their weight on the domestic economy. Obviously many, even in England, bet on football but there are as many who bet on other sports, first of all, rugby, or on the elections of the next Miss Universe. In Germany, out of 6.4 million bettors, a quarter of them prefer football. Of particular interest, in this case, is the almost total attachment that a customer has towards his bookmaker or bookie of trust. Betting agencies, by the way, aim to make the online betting market transparent so that there are no scams or frauds.